Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Digital Camera Aid To Total Recall?

For most of us memory loss issues are limited to "where the hell are my keys?". But for Alzheimer sufferers the gradual decline of memory is a serious issue which SenseCam hopes to aid by providing a visual daily diary that patients can refer to for more total recall.

Alzheimer's SenseCam
Posted Jun 15, 2004,

Microsoft's Cambridge lab has been working on the SenseCam for awhile now, a device which basically acts as a human black box recorder, but this summer Cambridge-based Addenbrookes Hospital will be testing the SenseCam for treatment of patients with memory-loss due to Alzheimer's disease or head injury. Worn around the patient's neck, the wide angle digital camera senses movement and changes in light and serves as a visual diary. Patients can potentially track through their recorded experiences, working as a memory aide and improving their quality of life. Other future applications could be for the tourism industry (never miss a moment!) and emergency first responders. PS - We need one of these every time we lose our keys.
Source: http://gadgets.engadget.com/entry/4463704260414450/


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'The SenseCam research project could provide certain patients, suffering from memory loss, with the ability to keep a visual diary of their memories and, potentially, improve their quality of life. Working with Microsoft Research Cambridge really shows the way in which scientific research can benefit the medical sector and we are pleased to be involved in a research project which could have real benefits to patients one day.'

~Dr Narinder Kapur, Addenbrookes Hospital, UK.

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