Saturday, December 25, 2004

I Wish I Had A SenseCam!

It's on days like today, Christmas Day, when you wish you had a way of preserving the memories forever. Sure you can whip out a camera, but unless you are a genius with a camera, it usually lacks the spontaneity and ends up looking posed.

I have a 6 year old son, and I would love to have a SenseCam seeing and unobtrusively capturing what I have seen so far this Christmas Day. The unstoppable excitement as he woke up every half hour from 2.30 AM (groan!) to ask if he could open his presents yet!

The joyful wonder in his bright blue eyes as, at last, he got his hands on the presents that Santa had left in his Xmas stockings. The eager hands shaking with glee as he unwrapped them.

The family gathering in the living room, which was decorated with a snow white theme, with paper snowflakes (that we had all cut out) suspended on cotton thread from the ceiling, the tree covered in decorations and lights, the bright pile of presents beneath the tree -- and the look of wonder and excitement on the face of everyone in that room.

I wish I had a SenseCam to capture these true gifts -- these precious moments of togetherness, happiness and joy.

Did I mention it started snowing and we went out and made snow angels, and pelted each other with snowballs? It's not often that you have a picture perfect archetypal Christmas -- and I wish I could have caught each moment of it.

Are you listening Microsoft?


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