Thursday, December 23, 2004

New GizMag article on Sense Cam

GizMag article: SenseCam - the Black Box Flight Recorder for human beings asks an interesting question.

Does the SenseCam user own the information, or can it be used against the individual too - can it be used by an insurance company or police or another individual to the detriment of the wearer?

The article predicts that there will be some landmark cases that will determine the true answer to that question and cites how information from GPS and speed data recorders in cars is already being used in some legal prosecutions.

The idea that SenseCam may also add to the Reality TV trend is an intriguing one. Will we also one day be seeing program's like "America's Funniest SenseCam Videos" or "SenseCam Survivor"!

The suggestion that future versions of the SenseCam may have a heart rate monitor that triggers photo capture at moments of high stress and extreme heart rates, could lead to a very interesting "Pop Idol - the insider view" type programs... as well as providing very good biofeedback evidence in the conquest of stress.

Full artice here:


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