Sunday, December 26, 2004

New Washington Post article on digital image capture versus traditional photography mentions SenseCam

See new Washinton Post article: Digitized And Brought To Life - New imaging allows miracles detailed and deeply personal.

This article explores the changes occuring in the photography market - the move from film to digital cameras and the spill-over affects that is having on society. The writer focuses on how new digital image capturing equipment has allowed her to resurrect old family histories by scanning decaying newspaper clippings, and storing, enlarging and restoring old photographs in a digital format. She goes on to explore how people are using digital cameras and mobile phone cameras as functional tools because digital photography gives you instant access to images. Now you can use your mobile phone camera to capture notes, take a surrepticious picture of someone you've just been introduced to so you can memorise their face later, or take a picture of a piece of burst piping so that you can show it to the manager of your local hardware store and get a replacement.

The article mentions software that Hewlard-Packet are making "that might one day tell stories about people's photos automatically, using data from such sources as global-positioning-systems."

It goes on to say how Microsoft is pursuing similar visions with the SenseCam. Here's the direct quote:

"It showed off a prototype called SenseCam this year, basically a camera in the form of a pendant or other object people can wear. The SenseCam is programmed to sense scene changes and events in people's lives and automatically take a ton of pictures."



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