Friday, December 10, 2004

Reducing The Duration of Criminal Trials - the SenseCam Way!

Imagine a society where we all wear SenseCam human "black box" recorders.

As we go through our day, the SenseCam sees all and records all.

So... when we are mugged, the SenseCam captures the scene. The police can refer to the SenseCam photos and that helps them catch the mugger. The SenseCam pictures are used in court as indisputable evidence - and that helps reduce the length of the trial.

Consider the other point of view. You are wrongfully accused of a crime. But you have a lousy alibi. At the time of the crime you were alone and no-one else saw you at that time. Normally this would make your position precarious. However, you can produce your SenseCam evidence, that shows what you were doing at that time. Case closed.

That's how SenseCam could reduce the duration and cost of legal actions.


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