Wednesday, December 08, 2004

SenseCam and the Invasion of Privacy Question

So what about personal privacy?

You are quietly going about your day, unaware that someone in the Public Toilet was wearing a SenseCam and it was clicking away as they turned and took in the full view.

Or you are at the gym, changing out of your sweatpants and the lady opposite is wearing a SenseCam on a necklace string and way-hey she just unwittingly snapped your butt! Later, your butt may be uploaded to her personal lifetime store - her lifeblog - her visual diary of her day. Who's to say that isn't published for all the world to see?

Clearly, all technologies can be used for purposes other than the ones they were intended for. 'The wheels' on my car help me drive around but occasionally they squish some unfortunate creature (animal - not human!) that darts in front of them.... A knife can carve wood, cut my vegetables or be used as a weapon.

So do we ban new technologies because of what they could be used for?

SenseCam could be a very useful tool in hundreds of situations. And it could be an invasive one in some situations.

Oh what to do? What to do?

See: Is Privacy Going The Way Of The Buggy Whip?


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