Friday, December 10, 2004

SenseCam Saves Lives

Life is ephemeral. Experiences are even more so.

By capturing the ordinary moments of the day, the SenseCam captures something that leaks from our lives like air from an inflatable tyre... TIME.

Lives are made up of years, years of months, months of weeks, weeks of days, days of hours, hours of minutes, minutes of seconds, and seconds are made up of moments.

And it these moments in which we can experience being truly alive.

It doesn't take something incredible or vastly different to happen for us to experience a "moment".

It just takes an awareness to recognize and frame the moment as what it is: Real Life.

My life.

The SenseCam saves lives. It captures the many ordinary moments through our day. Moments that we would otherwise have lost forever.

With the SenseCam we have the opportunity to live those moments again, perhaps recognizing the Real Life in them for the first time.


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