Sunday, December 26, 2004

Thankyou Letters Memory Jogger

Christmas has come and gone once again. And you are starting to think about sending Thankyou cards (you are, right?) for all those lovely or hideous gifts that you were given.

Okay. First letter. "Dear Aunt Mabel, Thank you so much for the lovely...." What the hell did she give me again?

And that's when it hits you. You have no idea which gift came from who. Maybe it was the Christmas spirit flowing so amply into your glass killing your brain cells but now you are as blank as the fresh fall of snow on the ground outside!

If I had been wearing a SenseCam, automatically capturing images as I opened my Christmas presents, I would be able to scan back through my image log for Christmas Day and look at the labels on the pile of presents that I got.

Then it would be no problem to write my thankyou cards and letters.

"Dear Aunt Mabel, Thank you so much for the lovely 6-toed mauve and green socks that play Jingle Bells with every step, for the bottle of Brut afershave for men, for the Statue of David fronted apron complete with genitalia. The nose and ear hair clippers will be particularly useful and much appreciated (I can already hear much better!). Best Wishes, Your Loving Nephew"


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