Monday, December 27, 2004

Visual Guide Maps Possible With Sensecam

Imagine an army of Sensecam-wearing travellers contributing their daily image captures to an online archive for travel information -- or perhaps to the Tourist Board or Ordinance Survey where the visual data can be turned into digital maps, a kind of "Walk this way..." on-the-ground visual guide to cities and specific locations.

Given that there is word that Sensecam (and similar products) will include Global Positioning System recorders that will match images to specific co-ordinates, you can see the possibility of travellers being able to pull up instant real-image maps on some kind of hand-held monitor.

Ancient memorisation systems often involved imagining a city and leaving objects or facts in specific locations around the city (in the mind), which would make it easier to remember. Using GPS data to file images associated with specific grid references or co-ordinates echoes this ancient art.

Armchair travellers could have the world opened up to them - viewing the different adventures of a hundred different Sensecam-wearing visitors to Rome, Egypt, New York, the Sahara, China or Timbuctoo!

Prospective visitors could get a feel for a place by viewing Sensecam data from fellow travellers who have trod the path before them. No more wondering whether there are long queues to get into the Colloseum on a Wednesday, or even what a particular hotel's breakfast buffet is like.

Travellers already in place in another city or country, could call up the data for where they are if they are lost and have a step by step view of where to go next or get an insider preview of a certain attraction to see if it's worth going in.

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