Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Human Blackbox Recorders For Tsunami and Other Natural Disasters?

With the recent Tsunami disaster affecting so many lives and so many people still missing, one can't help wondering whether Sensecam would have made it easier to trace people and help doctors treating injuries.

If Sensecam type gadgets were common, perhaps built into clothing or worn like a badge, and contained GPS tracking locators as the developers have hinted at, wouldn't it be much easier to locate some of the missing people?

Would these human blackbox recorders tell us anything that we need to know? Would anyone actually want to see the "bird's eye" view of a victim of a natural disaster? Could the information that a Sensecam provided, of someone being caught up in a Tsunami wave, help create safety products or things that could help minmise the impact of such natural disasters in the future? Would seeing what actually happened to their loved ones enable relatives to find better closure on their grief? Or would such evidence just be too graphic, too shocking, too horrible to bear?

ABC NEWS has nominated bloggers as it's Person of the Year, and even now hundreds of eye witness accounts of the Tsunami disaster are being recounted on personal blogs. Those bloggers would have been able to enhance their stories with Sensecam images of the disaster unfolding moment-by-moment.

The Tsunami disaster has presented us with some of the most graphically horrific images of death, injury and human tragedy. And many would argue that we shouldn't look at those images, that they shoud be censored. However this is the real human story and it must be told. The video footage, photographs and news reporting have all helped awaken this massive global compassion for the victims. Sensecam would have added new elements to this very important, very real human story. And those elements would have revealed in many instances the immense courage of many who risked and lost their lives trying to save others.

The Sensecam argument is that lives are worth saving. Everybody knows this.

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