Thursday, January 06, 2005

Will SenseCam Change The World For Better or Worse?

A new post release on ZDNet's Between the Lines, entitled Miss or Mister Manners in the digital age raises a number of interesting points and questions about Sensecam type equipment and gadgetry.

1. It poo-poos the impact of Sensecam, saying that mobile phones will sit in your shirt pocket and have all the capabilities of Sensecam and more... recording audio and video, transcribing speech, getting continuous GPS location data and sending it to servers for storage creating a full archive of your life.

2. It raises the thought that we will all have to assume continuous monitoring by others and predicts that this will improve our manners and make us much more polite people. Hmm?

3. Commenting on this post, Dak wonders aloud at how Sensecam-type data collection will affect social and legal interactions. He asks, if Sensecam data gets used in legal cases, how soon before forged recordings begin to surface?

4. Another reader comments that, in the near future, meeting places will need full-spectrum jammers to have private negotiations. And points out that Radio Shack are already offering an 'Aluminum' bearing paint to block wireless signals.


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